【Preorder】Clone Studio ONE PIECE  "Water Buffalo" Atmos

[General version configuration] Deposit:  285  Full Payment:480

[Deluxe version configuration] Deposit: 285   Full Payment:570
Manufacture: Clone Studio
Size: 35CM
Scale: 1/6
Materials: Resin+PU
Release Date: Q4 2020
Limited quantity: 100
Shipping includes within the U.S.


[Deluxe version configuration] : Double head carving (normal face *1+ Shouted face *1)+2 replacement upper body (open sword upper body *1+ normal sword upper body *1)+1 lower body (step on the lower body)+ luxury base *1+ bomb + broken wood grille accessories, enamel color nameplate *1 steel weapons two

[General version configuration] : double head carving (normal head carving *1+ Shouting head carving *1), anti-sword standing figure *1, enamel-colored nameplate *1, two steel weapons

【Preorder】Clone Studio ONE PIECE "Water Buffalo" Atmos