【Preorder】T.P.A The Lost Canvas Sagittarius Sisyphus

Deposit:  250 Full Payment:471 [Sagittarius + Regular platform]

Deposit: 250 Full Payment:497 [Sagittarius + EX platform]

Deposit: 250 Full Payment:520 [Sagittarius + Regular platform+ EX platform]
Manufacturer: TPA

Sagittarius with Regular platform: H 44.8, W 39.2, D 40.9:1:6

Sagittarius with EX platform: H 48, W 52.4, D 46.9

Stone statues: H53.1, W 31.8 wide, D28.8

Materials: PU+Polystone
Release Date: Q1 2021
Limited quantity: 288

Shipping includes within the U.S.

【Preorder】T.P.A The Lost Canvas Sagittarius Sisyphus