【Preorder】T-Rex Studio Dragon Ball Vegeta

Wcf Deposit: 75   Full Payment:121 【A/B version optional】

Mega Deposit: 75 Full Payment:185【A/B version optional】
Manufacture: T-Rex Studio
Size: The WCF Mega version is 25cm tall and 16cm wide and 16cm long

(Character height is 21cm, including hair)

WCF standard version 16cm high width 11cm long 11cm

(Character height is 13.5cm, including hair)
Scale: WCF Mega /WCF
Materials: Imported resin +PU+ transparent resin 
Release Date: July 2021
Limited quantity: Wcf 222 Mega 333 
Shipping includes within the U.S.

【Preorder】T-Rex Studio Dragon Ball Vegeta